The key to liberating suffering is in the body. The key to creating is in the mind


This is the simplicity of Integral Freedom's approach with Chinese Medicine


There is no separation between the mind, heart, body & environment.

The body stores 'intrinsic' memory, or pre-conscious memory.

As we pay attention to the body during normal activity

we can release the core roots of illness.


We are designed to create. This was a secret.

Very few taught this secret of creativity, until now.

Humanity has now entered the stage of conscious creation

Many have already discovered this birthright. It is yours when you are ready


Integral Freedoms training & treatments are all designed to manifest abundance

They treat and teach at a 'seed' level.

When the seed is corrected all growth flourishes.

Release the present time limitations of early brain development

Begin the process of clearing sub-conscious programs of lack.

And start to imagine your future.


There can be no lack, it is simply a construct of the mind.



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