Dr Paul Chapman (TCM) is a veteran practitioner of Chinese Medicine, who, for more than a quarter of a century has looked deeply into what causes illness and what restores wellness.
Dr Paul has developed a practice for adults to help them transform the limitations of their childhood programming and the subsequent mental & emotional challenges & physical illness/pain that show up as the reality of the present.
For children who are experiencing  'behavioural' &/or physical problems, we must understand that children are an 'open' book neurologically speaking. The focus therefore will be to work closely with the child, parents, family &/or carers to identify stressors & establish the most beneficial environment for all to heal & enjoy the happiness of growing & being together.
As we work together with ONENESS ACUPUNCTURE THERAPY, whether it be to relieve pain, improve digestion, stimulate fertility, improve sleep, expand breathing, develop stamina, or find a new way to express yourself after emotional devastation, the style of treatment will always lead you towards personal empowerment and an ever-increasing ability to turn suffering into the fertilizer of new growth.
If you have suffered a Trauma, been abused, have been the victim and/or perpetrator, or simply feel overwhelmed and traumatized by life, then FFD & OAT may be the key that unlocks your potential.
My skills are of course suitable to help headaches, neck &/or back pain, regulate the bowels or menstrual cycle, & in fact support any physical malady you can think of. As important as it is to be free of physical suffering there is also a great opportunity in healing which I refer to as awakening. 
Awakening is the beginning of 'TRUE' choice, where one becomes aware of what triggers so-called undesirable emotions, thoughts & behaviours from their environment, & is able to be present with these parts with loving compassion, & thereby able to release the 'stress' stored in the body & develop new neural pathways that lead to the fulfillment of desires & goals in all aspects of life.
So if you really want to use my skills, then you will be the type of person who is interested in awakening their consciousness. To move into a relationship with the subconscious, the area where the patterns of physical and/or emotional suffering stem from & to identify the origin, the how & why of these 'patterns', & specifically, what are the connections between the past & the present that are pushing into your life at this very moment for acceptance & recognition.


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* In Clinic personal/family consultation. - Acupuncture - Chinese Herbal Medicine - Compassionate Inquiry
* Online Chinese Herbal Medicine consultation 
* Online Optimum Wellness Coaching
Having difficulty with your health and well-being? With relationships? With your children?
Integral Freedom's Foundational Family Dynamics (FFD) explores a relational approach to wellness.
FFD is gentle, respectful, and geared towards self-autonomy.
WHAT TO EXPECT: We have a conversation, simple as that, nothing too heavy, just an opportunity for me to get to know you and find out what it is you want to look at and resolve. During this conversation, we'll work out the origin of the issue, then come up with a few solutions which can be integrated gently into daily life. No radical changes, no miracle cures (except perhaps with Balance Method Acupuncture & pain reduction, some people have called this miraculous), no medications, unless you are wanting herbs; some would call herbs medication, personally, I like to think of herbs as highly specific nutritional support.
FFD takes a fresh look at wellness. It is not behavioural based as our many of the psycho-therapeutic interventions available through psychiatrists or psychologists. Meaning if you bring your teenager along for treatment to see if I can help them change into something closer to a human being, then expect that the whole family will be involved in this process because no one behaviour in a family/household can be isolated.
FFD is RELATIONAL based, So its ALL about how we interact as a whole, and that includes ourselves. We are full of different aspects of personality, some we like, some are not so cool and we'd rather be rid of them. 
Well FFD does not work to get rid of anything, it works on awareness, insight into our perceptions, and curiosity, kindness and compassion towards the parts of us that are really freaked out, you know the parts we try everything to keep out of the way, yet annoyingly, they pop up in their own time anyway.
If your interested to see how a 'relational' approach feels & works for you, then book a session and find out first hand.
Dr Paul  


Science, the study of the physical/natural world, has become, during the 20th century, the 'ruling law' in regard to what is considered effective & safe medical practice. Unfortunately, scientists who do not fully understand the 'laws' of the natural world, who break systems & bodies down to their minutest particles, will only be able to observe, research & develop practices & products based on this limited/separated point of view. 
Western Medicine for example, 'attacks' illness, trying to eradicate it at all costs. It does this without a clear understanding of the illnesses origin & purpose, & with 'minor' consideration for the effects the treatments may have on the rest of a persons health & vitality or their lifestyle.
Ask yourself the question: 'how do I naturally respond to 'attack'? Well, if you observe the body under attack, you'll discover that it responds by releasing stress hormones so that it may fight, flee, or freeze the situation. Can we therefore surmise that an approach which has at its origin, the intention to 'attack', will cause further stress to the body/person? I think we can!
Indeed there may be short term improvement from such treatments, such as the short term improvements a person who is addicted to a substance/behaviour experiences, yet in the long run, we know these to be 'band-aids' for what lies underneath the behaviour.
In the same way Psychiatry, & unfortunately much of Psychology has an attack methodology. Both are designed to name & identify mental illness. They then attempt to 'rid' the poor suffering person of certain types of unwanted feelings, thoughts &/or behaviours through a variety of means, both cognitive & pharmaceutical. However, we find again, a lack of clear understanding as to the origin & purpose of these feelings/thoughts/behaviours, & a seeming lack of acknowledgment as to why people do not respond, accept through a diminished vitality, to being attacked, rejected or numbed.
I am identifying these approaches not to 'attack' the western medical approach, for it certainly has its place in caring for people in life-threatening situations, both through chronic illness and physical trauma, but rather to illustrate how unsatisfactory this approach is for long term health, vitality & longevity, & especially so in the developing child. In fact, it is this ideology, this approach, that has led western medicine away from encouraging & developing stress free healthy relationships for expecting mothers & families towards the preference for pharmaceutical management. Perhaps it is obvious to see the ineffectiveness of this approach/mindset when one reviews the current statistics on mental health in our society.


Ancient Wisdom's & thankfully, cutting edge scientific research into neuro-biology are starting to merge, starting to reveal the same truth. So there is hope for mainstream medicine, although there maybe a 20 to 50 year period of time before this research actually gets into mainstream practice. It is certainly not prevalent in our times. 
So what are two truths that science is starting to grasp:
1. The essence/vitality of a person is never lost, it is only covered, & 
2. what has been termed neuroplasticity: The ability of the human body to form &  reformulate its nervous system at any stage of life. This forming/reformulation seems to be much quicker at a younger age.
Research is now showing that the child/adolescent & adult personality, a personality that governs how one feels, thinks & acts throughout their entire life, is based on relationship. First the in-utero relationship between fetus and mother, & then the postnatal relationship between the child, it's mother, & the extended environment.
All adverse conditions, behaviours, & issues with ones personality/physicality during childhood & through into adulthood, & often right up until a person dies, can be related to the programs put in place during these early relationship experiences. 
Did you know that in Western medical training institutions for Doctors, Doctors are not taught about these relationships, in fact, Doctors do not receive any training on the impacts of psychological trauma on the physical body. Whereas  Ancient Wisdom's has never separated the physical from the mental/emotional.  Why is that do you think? Why would a medicine that suggests it is the authority on health be so far behind? Why is science, only now beginning to discover what has been known for thousands of years in indigenous cultures and their shamanic practices worldwide? Could it be that science & western medicine are not the 'pinnacle' of health understanding & awareness, but rather a part? 
This is important if we are to encourage change in how we 'choose' to develop our future health care systems. For example, we can see reflected in the appointments one has at a Doctors's surgery, a quick 10 minutes & some form of pharmaceutical intervention, as a sign of its intention, ideology & methodology. 
Again this is not an attack, It is unfair to expect anything more from a General Practitioner, but I want you to bear in mind, that these are the medical professionals you are trained to first contact when you are unwell. "They may refer me to a specialist", you might say, & yet what is a specialist? A medical professional/expert who has further compartmentalized the body, mind, or soul into a separated part.
When we look globally, we see the beginnings of unification, especially through communication & travel, the world uniting. We require the same thing with the body. It is a mistake, a dead-end to 'attack', whether it be the body, another person, country, or the world. This is the current stage of transformation that our world is leading us to experience, the sooner we adopt its guidance, the sooner harmony, vitality & joy will bloom.
In Daoist philosophy, a philosophy which heavily influenced Chinese Medicine, suggests that all of life is to be integrated. Once integrated as a whole, life naturally leads to peace, serenity, insight, wisdom, kindness, compassion & youthful vigor, even into old age. It suggests that nothing be rejected, separated, nor alienated.
It is the role of therapy to help a person connect to all the 'parts' of themselves with curiosity & compassion, & in so doing, develop the skill of being 'present', a skill that is as natural as breathing and inevitably leads one to self-autonomy.

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