Hi, my name is Dr Paul Chapman: I am a Dr of Chinese Medicine and was 'traditionally' trained as an apprentice over eight years by my teacher. He was a 'master' to me in all ways but especially as a herbalist. He worked magically with single herbs from which he created client specific formulations as he wove into me the deeper, mystical traditions of practical Chinese Medicine.

Thousands of hours clinical practice, plus two years working on my own during my apprenticeship gave me great opportunities and insights into how to incorporate the complex diagnostics of Chinese Medicine into a treatment program for an individual human being, a task that can take decades to accomplish. 

 I have been practicing Chinese Medicine for more than a quarter of a century and recently my passion for this medicine has had an addition, a new direction one might say in designing and developing I Ching/BaGua Acupuncture to treat what I call the genetic shadow and traumatic memory.

Quite by chance, in 2012, I stumbled upon a technique called 'Seasonal balance', passed onto me by Dr. Richard Tan. Instantly I realized a potential that began a tireless pursuit of both study and practice.

I recognized the potential to restore emotional and mental balance within the principles of oneness. These principles lie at the bedrock of Chinese Medicine and have been described as the supreme moral principle, or pure yang which is contained within all life.

First of all, I was looking to help people who have actually experienced trauma and abuse, but then I realized that Seasonal Balance Acupuncture is for all people, recognizing that we all carry a genetic code of past traumas, simply through our ancestry. These ancestral traumas have always surfaced in the struggles each person faces, and now, in this modern era, they are 'surfacing' big time, as we search for understanding.

As a Chinese Medical Herbalist and Acupuncturist, I recognize the profound gifts that seasonal balance has to offer the world in regard to helping the emergence of a new stage of development in mental and emotional wellness, that of integration, unity, inter-dependence and personal power.

I am committed to supporting my client's awakening in these incredible, powerful, & optimistic times. Both in clinic and through online mentoring.

To my fellow practitioners I wholeheartedly recommend you join with me in using and developing seasonal balance/I Ching/BaGua Acupuncture; as a means of one's own personal development in life and to join the healers around the world called to support the unfolding consciousness of humanity.

Training is now available for Acupuncturists through iFab - integral Freedom Acupuncture Balance - in how to diagnose and treat the genetic shadow and the traumatic memories of depression, anxiety, rage, terror, in fact, all forms of emotional excess and deficiency, that emerge.