Hi, my name is Dr Paul Chapman: I am a Dr of Chinese Medicine & a Compassionate Inquiry practitioner.
I was 'traditionally' trained as an apprentice over eight years by my teacher John Meciar, who was a student of Professor Lun Wong. My teacher is a 'master' to me in all ways, but especially as a herbalist. He worked magically with single herbs from which he created client specific formulations as he wove into me the deeper, mystical traditions of practical Chinese Medicine.
Thousands of hours of clinical practice gave me great opportunities and insights into how to incorporate the complex diagnostics of Chinese Medicine into a treatment program for each individual; a task that can take decades to accomplish.  
After twenty years of practice, I was fortunate enough to be guided by another great teacher, this time in acupuncture. His name was Dr Richard Tan, who brought Balance Method Acupuncture to the world. 
In particular, he gave me an opening into BaGua and I Ching Acupuncture, which, after much study and practice, I now include as a major tool in the development of emotional and mental balance, both within myself and my clients.
Some of my other teachers include:

Joan Duveen/Stems & Branches
Gabor Mate/Compassionate Inquiry
Genevieve Le Goff/Circle of Life
Mike Booth/Aura-Soma
Rav Michael Laitman/Kabbalah
Dr Zhi Chen Guo/BodySpaceMedicine 
I am a veteran practitioner of Chinese Medicine, who, for more than a quarter of a century has looked deeply into what causes illness and what restores wellness.
I have developed a practice for adults to help them transform the limitations of their childhood programming and the subsequent mental & emotional challenges & physical illness/pain that show up as a result in the present.
For children who are experiencing  'behavioural' &/or physical problems, we must understand that children are an 'open' book neurologically speaking. The focus therefore will be to work closely with the child, parents, family &/or carers to identify stressors & establish the most beneficial environment for all to heal & enjoy the happiness of growing & being together.
As we work together with, whether it be to relieve pain, improve digestion, stimulate fertility, improve sleep, expand breathing, develop stamina, or find a new way to express yourself after emotional devastation, the style of treatment will always lead you towards personal empowerment and an ever-increasing ability to turn suffering into the fertilizer of new growth.
If you have suffered a Trauma, been abused, have been the victim and/or perpetrator, or simply feel overwhelmed and traumatized by life, then Classical Chinese Medicine may be the key that unlocks your potential.
My skills are of course suitable to help headaches, neck &/or back pain, regulate the bowels or menstrual cycle, & in fact support any physical malady you can think of. As important as it is to be free of physical suffering there is also a great opportunity in healing which I refer to as awakening. 
Awakening is the beginning of 'TRUE' choice, where one becomes aware of what triggers so-called undesirable emotions, thoughts & behaviours from their environment, & is able to be present with these parts with loving compassion, & thereby able to release the 'stress' stored in the body & develop new neural pathways that lead to the fulfillment of desires & goals in all aspects of life.
So if you really want to use my skills, then you will be the type of person who is interested in awakening their consciousness. To move into a relationship with the subconscious, the area where the patterns of physical and/or emotional suffering stem from & to identify the origin, the how & why of these 'patterns', & specifically, what are the connections between the past & the present that are pushing into your life at this very moment for acceptance & recognition.